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Your current mortgage deal is due to expire and there are so many options out there. What suited you last time may not suit your circumstances today. Home improvements, debt consolidation or simply looking for a better rate, with access to over 80 lenders, we’ll find the best product for you.

Top Tips when Remortgaging

  1. Be prepared – Find out when your current deal is due to end. Start looking for a new mortgage three to six months before your mortgages product ends.
  2. Shop around – Don’t feel that you have to stick with your current lender, you may be able to find a much more competitive rate than what your current lender is offering.
  3. Look at the overall cost – If you simply want a better deal, compare what your new repayments would be, plus your existing monthly costs, to decide if you will be better off. If you’re looking to borrow more, again make sure you look at the overall costs of the loan. Include the cost of any arrangement fees on the new mortgage deal as well as exit penalties from your current mortgage.
  4. Consider the other features – some mortgage products come with features such as over-payments, the option to take payments holidays, etc. Consider how many features of the mortgage will meet your needs.
  5. You should use remortgaging as an opportunity to review your insurance needs.

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  1. Familiarise yourself with your current mortgage details – We’ll need to know your current balance, term and monthly payment
  2. Confirm your income details – Accurate income details are essential. If you are self-employed generally speaking, you’ll need at least your last two tax returns
  3. Review any debts or regular outgoings you may have – The most common ones would be any loan payments, credit card balances, childcare costs and pension payments.
  4. Clarify your future plans – No-one can predict the future, but we can consider how your circumstance may change and plan accordingly


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“Jon was fantastic. He is organised, professional, kept us updated throughout and delivered everything he said he would. Jon really understood our needs and helped us through the whole process. Would recommend.”

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