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Our expert Independent Financial Advisor Rory Joseph, and presenter Nick Coffer, are bringing back their highly popular former BBC radio slot in the form of a brand new podcast series.

Called “Rate Expectations”, this personal finance podcast will cover savings, pensions, mortgages and much more. The episodes will simplify your personal finance choices with clear, jargon-free explanations, unrivalled insight and lots of good humour too.

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Episode 2 – 27/10/22

This is a must-listen episode for anyone who is unsure of the implications of the current financial crisis. Rory tackles all the questions head-on, offering frank and clear insight, and more than a little reassurance. “Don’t Panic” is his mantra, but he explains best and worst case scenarios for first-time buyers, home-owners with mortgage deals coming up for renewal and home-owners with longer mortgage deals. He also looks at the current situation with pensions and, with some good news, reflects on what is available for savers.

This episode was recorded on October 26th 2022. Obviously the information contained within could become out-of-date depending on what happens next with the economy, Please note that this podcast should not be considered as personal advice as everyone’s situation is different. Please seek the advice of a professional for your own situation.


Episode 1 – 10/10/22

In this first episode, Nick and Rory delve deep into Equity Release Mortgages. Exactly what are they? Who are they good for and who do they not work for? Why do equity release mortgages have a bad reputation? How do they work? What are the pitfalls of taking out an Equity Release Mortgage?

They also look at how mortgage lenders are responding to the cost of living crisis. Is it harder now to get a mortgage? And what happens if you can’t afford your monthly repayments? Plus Rory explains why you should avoid Bitcoin and discusses some new products which might be worth you looking at.


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Disclaimer: This podcast is intended for information purposes only and should not be taken as personal advice, as everyone’s situation is different. If you want personal advice, please contact us.